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The Crescent Equipment Company is a Manufacturers' Representative specializing in equipment for:

                • Dry Bulk Solids Processing
                • Air Handling
                • Dust Collection and Explosion Protection
                • Vacuum Cleaning

                We are the exclusive representative in our territory for leading manufacturers of industrial process equipment who share our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

We apply knowledge, experience, and technical expertise to offer reliable, cost-effective process solutions and equipment. Our manufacturers provide innovative products in standard and custom designs, testing, technical assistance, spare parts, and field service. Customers purchase equipment and services directly from the manufacturer and receive the manufacturer's warranty.

We value our reputation for providing process solutions with careful evaluation, proper equipment specification, quality products, on-time delivery, and support through start-up.

Our territory includes the state of Michigan and northeastern Indiana.

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  • Airecon Manufacturing Corp.
    • Cyclones, Dust Collectors
    • Mist Collectors, Stack Demisters
    • Spray Dryers, Flash Dryers, Loop Dryers
  • Brabender Technologie, Inc.
    • Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders
    • Loss-In-Weight and Gain-In-Weight Systems
    • Mass Flow Meters
  • Carman Industries, Inc.
    • Vibrating Bin Dischargers, Draw Down Hoppers
    • Vibrating Feeders, Conveyors, Spiral Elevators
    • Fluid Bed Dryers and Coolers
  • Northwind Air Systems
    • Portable Vacuum Cleaning Equipment
    • Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems
    • Tubing, Fittings, Tools, Hose
  • Dynamic Air, Inc.
    • Pressure and Vacuum Conveying Systems
    • Pneumatic Conveying Components
    • Bulk Bag Dischargers, Forberg Mixers
  • Feeco International, Inc.
    • Agglomeration Systems, Mixers, Pelletizers
    • Conveyors, Stackers, Elevators
    • Rotary Dryers, Coolers, Calciners, Kilns
  • Hi-Vac Corp.
    • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Equipment
    • Vacuum Conveyors
    • Portable, Trailer-Mounted, and Mobile Units
  • Industrial Air Technology Corp.
    • Industrial Centrifical Fans
    • High Pressure Blowers
    • Centrifugal Fan Repairs
  • KWS Manufacturing Company, LTD.
    • Screw Conveyors & Feeders, Multi-Screw Units
    • Shaftless, Vertical, Heat Transfer Screws
    • Belt Conveyors, Elevators, Drag Conveyors
  • Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.
    • Rotary Airlocks & Feeders, Double Flap Gates
    • Rotary Plug Valves, Slide Gates, and Diverters
    • Pneumatic Screw Pumps and Blower Packages
  • Posi-flate
    • Inflatable Seat Butterfly Valves
    • Pneumatic Valve Actuators
    • Valve Limit Switches, Controls, and Positioners
  • Rembe, Inc
    • Explosion Isolation Systems
    • Explosion Suppression Systems
    • Rupture Panels and Flameless Vents
  • Sly, Inc.
    • Dust Collectors - All Types
    • Wet Scrubbers
    • Ventilated Retractable Loading Spouts
  • UniTrak Corp.
    • Horizontal, Vertical, and Inclined Bucket Elevators
    • Flexible Inclined Screw Conveyors
    • Aero-Mechanical Conveyors

We serve many industries, including...

Abrasives Flour & Milling Power
Aggregate Food Pulp & Paper
Agriculture Foundry Recycling
Automotive Glass Refractory
Baking Grain Rubber
Biosolids Gypsum Salt
Candy Minerals Sand
Cement Mining Steel
Ceramic Petrochemical Sugar
Chemical Pharmaceutical Water Treatment
Compounding Pigment Wood
Dairy Plastic And Many More...

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Crescent Equipment Company
P.O. Box 2255
Portage, MI 49081-2255
Phone: (269) 324-0975
Fax: (269) 324-0976

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